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peterborough - vagina dentata!

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February 17th, 2009

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06:49 pm - peterborough
i was peterborough and now im back! i had a reallllly good time and i think its a huge possibility that i may move there, and go to trent uni. i met some awesome people, they are all so sweet. the house we were staying at does peterborough fnb and they serve 3 times a week! the food they get is amazing and they had about 12(yes twelve!) awesome dishes they served. it was all so delicious . also, they are doing food not bombs the musical at the end of the month, that is a fund raising thing for the poor and people have come up with awesome acts.

justin urged me to read ishmael, a book that i happened to have bought a while ago, and he says it started a new chapter in his life and stuff. weird signs have come up for me to read this book all at once. im so excited to read it.
dog hugs, the moon is a harsh mistress, breakfast-in-couch, homemade cookies and apple crumble, long swishy skirts, army boots, beer, tea, people hugs and smiles, bright bright eyes, stumbling down the street, falling asleep on a couch and not being uncomfortable at all at all.
that night we went out to a venue called the spill and saw some real down home blues/country, with banjo and mandolin and table dancing by the performers. i talked and talked with a bunch of kids who came along, drank local 'publican' beer and danced/stomped/yelled. holdin' hands. stomping/touching legs.

peterborough is chock full of incredible sweet, sexy, darling punks, such warm personalities!
i checked out the trent campus and it was great, a lake on one side and surrounded by forest on the other. they have a really good history program and also a huge indigenous studies and environmental studies program

i must go to circus jam!

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Date:February 18th, 2009 06:09 pm (UTC)
you sent me a letter???? oh man. i didnt get it yet but im excited.
circus jam is a get together where people practice and exchange tricks in poi, hooping and juggling.
peterborough is about 2 hours away from toronto, it's in ontario. its a sweet little town with a hippie university. i know, i think i def. have to go back for the musical.

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